The app that works as a medical tool.

Development of a B2B custom selling tool that allows Lensonline’s optician partners to record and visualize eye defects of their patients.

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Custom sales tools
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The background

Lensonline is the biggest lens seller in Belgium with a strategic activity in both B2C and B2B areas. They collaborate with 100 opticians in Belgium and Netherlands. They offer quality contact lenses through their online shops and specialized services through a network of optician partners.

The challenge

Lensonline wanted to improve the way collaboration with their optician partners worked by providing them with an eye verification tool. They also wanted to increase sales by offering opticians ways to offer a better service and a better experience to their customers.
They wanted to increase the quality of the offer for online customers by offering them both quality products and facilitate access to better services.
They wanted to tighten the link with opticians by offering them a suite of support tools together with quality sales and delivery services. All based on the idea of a full service from one single provider with good products and good pricing.
Fast shipment of products to the opticians’ offices and to their end customers is a key tool helping opticians to initiate and handle all this ordering process and customer interaction.
The eye verification tool needed to seamlessly integrate both logical and functional features with the rest of Lensonline’s sales ecosystem.

The solution

We proposed a web application from where opticians can record eye diseases of their patients.
The tool allows opticians to register all the information needed to accurately identify patient’s eye conditions. It actually works like a medical tool.
Opticians have a visual representation of the patient’s eye condition. They can manage all patient’s information and consultation history.
Opticians can order the proper lenses directly from the app. The patients can receive the products at the optician location, at home or in any other way available to a regular Lensonline webshop buyer.

Opticians can record eye diseases of their patients in a visual and convenient way.

The optician eye checkup app works together with the optician CRM and with the Lensonline webshop. They are integrated into Lensonline’s eCommerce platform and ERP system.

What we offered

A custom sales tool with advanced eye verification features, for more than 100 Lensonline optician partners. 

A complex connection between the app with SAP and the Lensonline webshops.

Project facts
more exclusive partners
increase in partner retention rate
of partners are satisfied with the solution
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