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Development of a mobile sales application used by Theo’s field agents. It is a native Android application optimized for tablets.

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Mobile apps for eCommerce
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The background

The company was started in 1989 as a family business and has developed into a major player in the international optics market. They have dozens of agents selling their products in more than 40 countries around the world.

The challenge

A big part of Theo’s sales are done by agents in specialized fairs and at customer locations. Agents were using printed catalogs to present Theo’s offer to customers. This was an inefficient process.
They were recording orders on paper or in electronic documents and then sending them by email/fax to the head-office to be shipped. The main disadvantages were a difficult way to search, find and present products to customers, not updated data in the catalogs, heavy/inefficient ordering process (agent discuss with customer – record order – send order by email to the head office – head office needed to create the order in SAP – send it the customer – inform the agent about this) large amount of time for the order to be process and delivered.
Theo wanted us to prepare a mobile sales infrastructure for their agents so they can present and order products in a very efficient way.

The solution

We built a complex Android application that is optimized for tablets and help agents sell anywhere. The work was done in collaboration with Theo’s sales agents to ensure that the newly created app completely suited their needs.
The complete product database is stored locally (prices, stocks, customers, orders, returns.) This means that the performance is improved and that the app can be used even without internet connection. The database is continuously synchronized with ERP system and with the webshop, so it always contain fresh data.
Each sales agent has this application installed on his tablet so he can present the offer to the customer, access customer details, order products and see order status.
Orders created on the app are instantly sent to the head office for verification, confirmation and shipping. New customers registered in the app are instantly sent to head office for verification, according to Theo’s internal rules.
The app brings new insights for Theo, allowing the management to know how many orders each sales agent have done and for which customer.

The complex Android application is optimized for tablets.

The mobile app works together with the new modern webshop that we created for Theo, so it integrates seamlessly into Theo’s eCommerce solution.

What we offered

A complex mobile app for agents so they can sell anywhere.

Very complex synchronization architecture between the app and the rest of Theo's e-commerce ecosystem.

Project facts
up to date order status
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faster order delivery
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