The best way of selling training events online.

We developed an eCommerce application that allowed EFQM to sell participations to training events, quality assessments and books.

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The background

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is a not-for-profit membership Foundation founded in 1989. They provide a comprehensive management framework used by over 30,000 organizations in Europe.
EFQM provide training and assessment tools as well as recognition for all levels of maturity.
One of EFQM organizational traits is gathering good practices and sharing them through their network. Their aim is to share what works through case studies, online webinars, working groups, conferences and thematic events.
EFQM Excellence Award is Europe’s most prestigious award for organizations.

The challenge

EFQM wanted to improve their sales process in order to be able to handle the increasing number of orders.
Previously  EFQM agents received orders on email or fax and they were creating these orders into SAP. The rest of the communication with the customer happened on email or phone. They needed a way to expose their training and events to the public with accurate information on pricing and availability.
EFQM also needed a way to sell subscriptions to such events more easily.
In order to reduce the workload for agents the solution was required to include the following features:
Participants to be able to manage and follow up on their training events and quality assessments.
Trainers to have the tools to manage training details and participants.

The solution

We created a webshop that allows EFQM to sell training events and quality assessment.
We built the webshop to empower EFQM to create and manage all types of products: events, training, assessments and all their details such as the number of tickets to sell, location, timing etc.
The event items, prices, customers and orders are synchronized with SAP allowing the customer the access to real-time data.
A custom subscription service was implemented to sell various recurrent events.

Training and events can be accessed from anywhere with accurate information.

To offer a complete solution, we developed another application in which the events/training/assessments can be managed and trainers and participants can interact. The complete solution consists of two main parts: a webshop to sell participations to training and events and a training portal to visualize training material and manage the trainer-participant relation.
It works like this: One orders the participation to a training and one receives a key code. With that key code, one can access the training programme in a separate custom app.
In the Training Portal, one can view the details of the event, details on the trainer, see the homework, upload homework and receive certification.

What we offered

We built a modern webshop dedicated to selling EFQM's training events.

We created a seamless connection between the webshop, training portal and the client’s ERP system.

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