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LensOnline and how to increase customer engagement

LensOnline is the biggest online seller of lenses in Europe. The company approaches both B2B and B2C area and has a large expansion rate in EU countries. It sells lenses online and through a network of over 100 partner-opticians across Belgium and the Netherlands.

The challenge

LensOnline realized the importance of customer’ retention and needed a solution for further increasing their clients’ trust and loyalty in order to become their favourite lens provider. They knew that clients purchase lenses and accessories on a recurrent basis. Even if people needed lens on a daily basis, monthly, trimestrial or annual, LensOnline wanted to make sure their customers get their lenses exactly when they needed them along with special custom packages, discounts and free shipping. 

So expertise was needed in order to make their idea possible. 

The solution

A well considered, simple subscription module: a solution that offers customers the possibility to buy products on a recurrent basis with pre-defined delivery dates. This way, LensOnline could turn a one-time purchase into a recurrent sale, creating brand loyalty. It allows LensOnline to offer their customers the possibility of receiving the products they need on a regular basis straight to their door. 

It is a very simple and effective process: the customer selects the lenses they need and push a button to start the subscription.

LensOnline provided a wide range of packages and promotions for subscribers such as better prices and free shipping.

The customers subscribe for a certain product or package and pay monthly. The payment must be validated first by the bank and after that the shipping is being prepared. A subscription module has benefits for both the business and the final customers. The customer will always have the lenses they need and LensOnline gets a fully satisfied customer.

In terms of business...

Simply put, a subscription module means that a business acquires a customer on a long term, and not on a single time purchase. So one has the warranty that the customer will recurrently buy from the business. This is a great way to predict volume and make sure there is always the right amount of products in the warehouse. 

Stability and forecasting

Financially speaking, a subscription module allows you to keep your cashflow under control. LensOnline has now a general and pretty accurate view on their product stock, shipping costs, product popularity and can forecast their revenue and costs more precise.

Pay less, get more

LensOnline pays less to keep their customers active and engaged. After a client’s first purchase, businesses invest their money in retargeting, social media, email marketing and any other method that can lead the customer back to them. A subscription module saves a company those expenses, resulting in lower retention costs.

Long term customer binding

Communicating with customers in a natural manner, without suffocating them, can be a challenge. With our subscription solution, LensOnline has now an extra channel to keep in touch with their customers. This is an opportunity for up-sales, cross-sales and discount offerings, so it’s a win-win situation for both LensOnline and the customer.

Customers satisfaction

After the subscription module was launched, LensOnline started to see results, since more and more customers started to switch from regular orders to subscriptions. This solution drives customer satisfaction by all means.

Amplifying brand awareness

LensOnline delivers products to their customers’ door with a certain frequency, creating a bond with them and becoming part of their lives. A happy customer talks about his experiences, by word of mouth, on social media or any other channel he may find comfortable. So increasing brand awareness becomes a real deal. 

To sum it up:

In terms of customer experience...

We managed to make it easy for the customers which are frequently placing orders. They subscribe and get what they want when they need it.

Expenses management

When a customer chooses the subscription service, he is able to predict his future costs regarding LensOnline’s products he needs. They also benefit from spreading the costs over time.

Extra discounts = happy customers

When customers choose to subscribe to something, they are more likely to get discounts for their favourite products. And who doesn’t love discounts? 

Positive branding

As customers, we are happy when a brand fulfills and exceeds our needs. In LensOnline’s case, customers receive their lenses automatically and on time, at their doors. This creates a positive attitude about the brand and encourages clients to buy more products. 


The result

We successfully provided LensOnline the perfect solution for keeping their customers satisfied in the long term. The subscription module is an intuitive one, easy to use and it was warmly welcomed by LensOnline’s customers. They order their lenses, pay a monthly fee and receive the products exactly when they need them.

Xcommerce is LensOnline’s long term partner for implementing their marketing strategy in appealing solutions. One of them is a complete eCommerce solution consisting of multiple webshops, each of them custom-built for their specific brands and services. You can read all about it here. We upgraded their sales strategy with an app that works as a medical tool. And we didn’t stop there: LensOnline partnered up with 100 opticians in Belgium and Netherlands, so the need for a tool that could improve this collaboration became a must. Read all about developing a custom CRM application with ordering functionality that flawlessly interact with their end customers right here.

We are happy hearing from you how we can help your business and customers in achieving more customer engagement while increasing your turnover. Contact us here.