How to integrate a multi-language catalog and a store for your partners.

A catalog for all users and a B2B shop for resellers, all this on a modern webshop to sell eyeglasses frames and frames parts.

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Modern webshops
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Louis Belgium
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The background

Louis Belgium is one of the significant players in the international eyewear market. They produce frames and sell them all over the world through over 1000 B2B partners.
Louis Belgium was founded in 2000 by an experienced optician, Bert Boon, a colour trend specialist, Hilde Franq, and Luc Cuperus, a marketing man. Hilde Franq is one of the 40 people in the international colour marketing group, which sets the trends for colours worldwide.
Louis Belgium distinguishes itself not only through remarkable designs but in particular through a unique, progressive and sensitive colour palette.

The challenge

Louis Belgium wanted to extend their coverage worldwide and also to give resellers a tool to place orders.
They needed a solution to present their catalog of products to the end users and to potential B2B partners. They needed a solution to manage the orders from their existing partners worldwide.

The solution

The solution was a single site to work both as a product catalog for end users and potential B2B partners and as a B2B webshop for registered partners.
End users visitors see the site as a multi-language product catalog. They can browse and search for the products and can see details about the products, including a 360° view of the frames. A shop locator is available for them in order to easily find the nearest shop from where they can buy these frames.
For the logged in users (B2B partners), the catalog becomes a shop, so they see the prices and they can buy the frames. Also, a particular feature for dealers is that for each frame they can also buy spare parts.

How to integrate a multi-language catalog and a store for your partners.
B2B partners can browse and order eyeglasses frames from more than 22 countries.

The webshop was created based on a SAP integration from where all the information regarding users and products were synced to the site.

What we offered

A modern webshop with multilingual capabilities and specific B2B features.

A seamless integration between webshop, Google maps and the internal SAP system.

Project facts
of orders now come via webshop
more partners in the year of launch
faster ordering process
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