How to quadruple your online sales.

Development of a B2B webshop that sells Theo’s eye frames in 45 countries around the world.

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Modern webshops
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Year of foundation:
No. of employees in Europe, the US and Japan:
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Projected online turnover 2015:
The background

The company was started in 1989 by Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, opticians with their own store. They wanted to offer their clients something other than the mainstream glasses that were selling at the time.
Nowadays, more than thirty people work for Theo in Europe, the US and Japan. So this small family business has developed into a major player in the international optics market.

The challenge

Theo already had a web catalog together with a basic ordering feature. Customer capability to find, view and order products was very limited. Besides that, managing the products, customers and orders was hard to do and required massive manual work (to move products, prices, orders from SAP to the shop and back).
They wanted a solution that will improve their work process and will favor resellers to more easily find and order products.
All data from the webshop needed to be synchronized with SAP so customers always have access to updated information.

The solution

We built a modern webshop that give resellers the capability to order products in a very easy and fast way. We integrated the Theo brand into the webshop design. We prepared specific B2B features for the eyes frame industry.
The webshop has good performance for a database of few thousands of products.
Theo is now capable of handling all orders, customers, products from both SAP and the back end panel of the webshop. The database is continuously synchronized with the ERP system so it always contains fresh data.

How to quadruple your online sales.
Finding, viewing and ordering products made simple by our solution.

In addition to the webshop, we also built a mobile sales app for Theo’s agent so they can sell on the go.

What we offered

Full B2B webshop that operates in over 45 countries and has an efficient set of B2B merchandising and marketing tools.


Advanced integration between the webshop and the ERP system.

Project facts
projected growth in 2015
4 times
more sales through the webshop
2 times
faster delivery time
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