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Development of a B2C solution and of a B2B marketplace in the area of customizable products (tokens, wristbands and other similar products).

Project type
Modern webshops, Complex selling solutions
Client details
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The background

Orakel is manufacturing and supplying a full range of personalized products (tokens, wristbands, drink vouchers, balloons and so on) for events and organizational needs.
As the original pioneer of wristbands in Europe, Orakel is now a leading and respected manufacturer of a wide range of identification products.
They sell across  Europe and the US. They sell directly to customers and through business partners.

The challenge

Orakel had a successful business that was expanding all over the world. They wanted an eCommerce solution to expose their products online and at the same time to optimize their sales process.
A lot of work was done manually in the sales process. Ordering was done via email or some basic ordering tool. The customization of products was done manually by Orakel. They were exchanging emails with the customers to prepare the customization while knowing the price of a customized product required manual calculation of the price.
The solution needed to increase sales by selling online, to increase the quality of service for customers and partners and to reduce costs by reducing the manual work needed to process the orders.
At the same time, Orakel wanted to empower their business partners with the same sales tools. Without such a tool, partners were literally unable to sell customized products from Orakel.

The solution

We proposed a sales ecosystem that allows Orakel to define complex customizable products. All the customization is done online by the customer in the ordering process.
Orakel can define products with multiple personalization zones. They can define which elements can be personalized on each zone of the product. They can define elements such as text, colors, images, bar codes, incremental text, round text and many other elements.
We also proposed a customization tool that gives customers the capability to fully personalize the products. The customization output is a web and pdf preview of the product allowing the customer to know exactly what he is ordering. Orakel will receive highly detailed information of the product in a file format that is ready to send to production, so the communication with the customer becomes minimal.
The product price is directly obtained during the customization process so the customer is always aware of the price of his customized product.
The ordering process has international payment and shipping capabilities. All the product information, prices, stock and customer information is synchronized with SAP.

All the customization is done online by the customer in the ordering process.

In addition to the webshop, we built a custom site factory with complex B2B features so they can quickly and automatically produce webshops for partners. Those shops can be customized by the partner in terms of graphics, products, pricing and shipping methods. They can even set their own payment methods to directly charge their customers. All partners shops have the same personalization tool as the Orakel/mother site.

What we offered

A very complex B2C webshop with a tool to personalize products in every detail directly from the browser.

A custom site factory with complex B2B features so they can quickly and automatically produce customized shops for partners.

Project facts
of orders are now processed online
employees salary is saved every mounth
3 times
faster ordering process
Other info

Project link: webshopbe.orakel.com

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