How to migrate more than 100,000 customers.

A tool from where SAI’s over 100 000 customers could upgrade their old software licenses to the equivalent new ones and buy certain options available in the new licensing model.

Project type
Custom sales tools
Client details
SA International
Founding year:
Physical locations around the globe:
International markets:
No. of customers:
Languages available for their software:
The background

SA International (SAi), is the leading provider of complete software solutions for the professional sign-making, wide-format digital printing and CNC machining industries.
Their software is available in more than a dozen languages through SAi resellers worldwide.
SA International was founded as an Israeli Corporation in 1989. Now is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, SAi can also be found in Brussels, Belgium; São Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai and Hong Kong, China and Tokyo, Japan.

The challenge

SAi have changed their licensing model/pricing for their desktop software applications.
They wanted a tool from where customers and agents could upgrade old licenses to the equivalent new ones.
In the process, the customers must have the option to upgrade to more powerful software version and to buy certain options available in the new licensing model.

The solution

The proposed solution to SA international was a tool where all the operations implied by the license updates to be handled easily by the users.
The users launch the site and provide their license key. Based on this, the equivalent upgrade software versions are presented with the available add on’s for each one. The users just select the desired option and then finalize the update process.
The app offers the customers the option to upgrade to a more powerful software version. For this scenario, the application offers all the needed features to finalize the buying process of the more-powerful version of the SAi’s software.
As a result, all customers were smoothly migrated to the new licensing system.
All information was bidirectionally synchronized with the SAI cloud system and ERP system.

In addition to this licensing migration tool, we also built a modern webshop where SAI sell subscriptions to their new range of cloud software applications.

What we offered

A custom built tool to support their licensing migration for over 100.000 customers.

Seamless integration to an online purchase system for upgrading users.

Project facts
of customers were successfully migrated to new licenses
of customers upgraded their license
of customers bought additional software options
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