The perfect tool for showroom agents.

Development of a mobile sales solution that helps Impermo agents present and sell products to customers and to offer them a better buying experience.

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Mobile apps for eCommerce
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Large showrooms in Belgium:
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The background

Impermo is the Belgium leader in tiles, natural stone and parquet market. They have 4 large showrooms in Belgium that are visited by thousands of people every day.

The challenge

In its peak hours, Impermo has to handle many customers, to provide them with information and to register orders from them. Customers waiting time is longer in these crowded moments.
Before we stepped in, the customer would ask the agent about products and would tell him what products they wanted to buy. The agent would communicate the order to the cashier verbally or on paper. The cashier would enter the order in the SAP application. The whole process would take a large amount of time. During all this time, the customer would wait at the cashier to pay.
Impermo also wanted an improved way for their agents to deal with their customers, a better way to show information to the customer and an improved way to order.

The solution

We developed a dedicated mobile app for the showroom agents. The app allows the showroom agents to present to the customers product details that are accurate, thanks to the connection with the SAP system.
Now the agents can scan the product labels to view product’s details including real time prices, stocks and delivery information. The agents can create quotes or place orders for their customers. Orders placed by agents are sent to SAP and are automatically marked ready to be paid.

The perfect tool for showroom agents.
Impermo agents now have a better way to show information to the customers and an improved way to order.

In order to reduce development costs, we proposed an app that runs in the browser and that is based on a responsive design approach. We built this application on top of the newly created webshop so the development costs were reduced by reusing 80% of the webshop features.

What we offered

A mobile tool for showroom agents in the form of a dedicated mobile application.


Seamless integration with the rest of the client's selling infrastructure.


Project facts
10 times
quicker acquisition process
complete and accurate information available to the customer
more people can be served by the same number of agents
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